• Pardos, A., Menychtas, A., & Maglogiannis, I. (2021). On unifying deep learning and edge computing for human motion analysis in exergames development. Neural Computing and Applications.


1.1 Report of technical and operational requirements

The deliverable D1.1 records the needs of the involved users of Mediludus (medical and nursing staff, patients, medical care providers, relatives) through systematic interviews at their workplaces but also at the homes of patients and their relatives. The recording of needs is enriched by user cases (user stories) created in order to verify the satisfaction of the system requirements. Along with the formulation of all functional requirements, the technical (non-functional) requirements are investigated. A key element that was recognized during the interview process by all stakeholders is the need to create support systems for individuals to live independently using state-of-the-art technology in a pleasant and acceptable way. With the use of software technology and sensors that are now available in our daily lives, it is possible to develop and interconnect systems that promote the idea of independent living. An important finding of all involved is that in order for such systems to be successful and continued to be used by those directly concerned, they must offer their services through processes that are enjoyable for the end user. The basic requirement that arises initially is that the processes of interaction between end users and application will be done through gamification processes. The deliverable is followed by a brief review of the research work and activity related to the subject of Mediludus and the main points of differentiation of Mediludus with each of them are mentioned.

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